Published: Fri, July 13, 2018

Takeaways from FBI Agent's Explosive Congressional Hearing

Takeaways from FBI Agent's Explosive Congressional Hearing

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert had some fun at the expense of congressional lawmakers over the marathon hearing of FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

Strzok was a member of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team until he was found to have sent negative texts about Donald Trump in 2016 to Lisa Page, an Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer at the time.

Their messages were critical of then-candidate Trump.

"Lisa Page has finally agreed to appear before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees for a transcribed interview tomorrow", Goodlatte said in a statement.

Representative Louie Gohmert went so far as to call out Strzok over his affair with Page, while other House Republicans, including Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan and Bob Goodlatte, chastised him over what they believed was bias toward Trump during the investigations of Hillary Clinton's private email server and the Trump campaign's alleged contacts with Russian Federation during the 2016 campaign.

Strzok shot back, saying the question revealed more about Gohmert's character than his own.

Watch "Republicans Lose Their Minds", as "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" titled the segment, above.

Trump - who mocks Page and Strzok as the "FBI lovers" - blasted Page's decision not to appear Thursday in a tweet, lamenting the "corruption on the other side" and again calling out Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do something about it.

"I'll tell you what, this investigation started flawed with the dossier", he concluded.

"We asked the Committee staff to explain the scope of the investigation and provide sufficient notice that would allow her to prepare, which are normal conditions for congressional committees, but these committees have not followed the normal process", Jeffress said in a statement on July 9. President Trump is being investigated by people who possess pathological hatred for him. "I know he already testified behind closed doors", said Ingraham on her show in kicking off an interview with Rep.

Strzok tried multiple times to finish another sentence - which he began by telling Gohmert that he doubts his behavior "plays well to America" - but Goodlatte ended the exchange, telling both men that their time was up.

Controversial FBI agent Peter Strzok said on Thursday that he had damaging information on US President Donald Trump during the 2016 US presidential election that may have derailed his campaign.

Strzok said he could not answer a question about the early stages of the FBI investigation into Russian intervention because the probe is still ongoing and FBI counsel had instructed him not to.

Strzok angrily responded, saying the "we'll stop it" text came in response to campaign occurrences such as Trump insulting the immigrant father of a fallen USA soldier.

And yet some analysts couldn't help but notice a hint of irony in Republicans' argument that Strzok's personal views must have influenced his official duty, while they simultaneously conduct investigations into politicians they openly support or oppose.

FBI Director Chris Wray has said employees who were singled out for criticism by the inspector general have been referred to internal disciplinary officials.

Top Republicans are still at odds with the Justice Department and FBI over a series of sensitive document requests for information related to the investigations, and some conservatives have threatened to hold Rosenstein in contempt of Congress or even try to impeach him over the standoff.

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