Published: Fri, July 13, 2018

Time machine throne speech transports province to the '90s: Opposition

Time machine throne speech transports province to the '90s: Opposition

The cap-and-trade program Ontario was a party to in partnership with Quebec and California was funded mostly by over-polluting corporations, and was expected to garner $1.9 billion for the province this year.

"In a time of global turmoil and change, maintaining and strengthening the bond between the people and their public representatives must always be top of mind for us all".

The Canadian Press Ontario Premier Doug Ford casts a ballot during the election for the new Speaker of the Ontario Legislative Assembly at Queen's Park, in Toronto on July 11, 2018.

"I think it's pretty clear that this government is bent and determined to drag this province down", she said.

Ford made good on a key campaign promise Wednesday, announcing the immediate retirement of the CEO of Hydro One and the resignation of the utility's entire board of directors.

The Tories will also move to end the strike at York University that has been underway since March by introducing back-to-work legislation.

The government also wants to cancel the White Pines Wind Project in Eastern Ontario.

A local group, the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, opposed the project, saying it believed it would be detrimental to the "unique historical, agricultural, cultural and rural character" of the region. "We're going to keep our promises".

Smith also denied opposition accusations that the government has been inaccessible and making too many decisions quietly behind closed doors with Ford himself shying away from taking questions from media. "We've been checking off all kinds of different priorities that we had promised to do during the election campaign".

"Your new government will respect consumers and trust adults to make the responsible choices that work best for them".

"The curriculum they're repealing was the most consulted curriculum in Ontario's history", he said. "I was told I wasn't welcome".

The new Tory government has already frozen the hiring and salaries of public servants, cancelled millions of dollars in green-energy rebates for people and businesses and changed the eligibility for free pharmaceuticals under a program known as OHIP-plus.

The Ford government cancelled cap and trade as part of its commitment to cut gas prices by $0.10 a litre.

"He shouldn't be ending cap and trade", he said.

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