Published: Fri, July 13, 2018

Trump says he feels 'unwelcomed' in London, blasts mayor Sadiq Khan

Trump says he feels 'unwelcomed' in London, blasts mayor Sadiq Khan

President Trump, in a wide-ranging interview with The Sun, said British Prime Minister Theresa May ignored his advice on Brexit, a move he said threatens to scuttle a trade deal with the U.S.

"If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the United Kingdom, so it will probably kill the deal".

In the piece, Trump said he advised May on how to handle the exit from the European Union and said he "would have done it much differently".

In an antagonistic interview with The Sun, the USA president lashed out at Sadiq Khan, accusing him of doing a "terrible" job, claimed Boris Johnson would make a great Prime Minister and made it clear he was very aware of the giant inflatable Trump baby due to fly above Parliament today - and would be avoiding London.

He added: "I didn't think they put it in, but that's all right".

Prime Minister May said they had discussed plans for an "ambitious" trade agreement. "There will be no alliance more important in the years ahead", she said.

The Sun said the interview was conducted Thursday in Brussels, before Trump traveled to Britain.

"She should negotiate the best way she knows how. He is thankful for the wonderful welcome from the prime minister here in the U.K".

But after talks with Mrs May he claimed "tremendous things" he said about her had been left out of the Sun story.

Mr Trump did not go into details about what specific countries had promised but suggested they would be increasing their rates of spending "at a much faster clip".

Donald Trump has launched an astonishing attack on the British Prime Minister over her handling of Brexit, hours before touching down in the UK. "She probably thought it was too brutal".

And in a newspaper interview, Trump continued to hammer Mr Khan - saying he was doing a "terrible job". The comments infuriated some of May's Conservative Party colleagues, including one who tweeted, "Where are your manners, Mr. President?" and another who chided Trump for diminishing "the standing of the great country he is meant to lead". "I hope you have no doubt this is an investment in our security, which can not be said with confidence about Russian & Chinese spending".

"We do have disagreements", said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, but added that "At the end of the day, we all agree that North America and Europe are safer together".

Trump told The Sun that if May pursues her "soft" Brexit plan, it will jeopardize any potential trade deal between the United States and Britain.

In the interview, which took place at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the president also lashed out at the Muslim mayor of London, saying he had done "a awful job".

"I'll absolutely bring that up, but it won't be a Perry Mason moment".

"The U.S. has always stood by our side as a beacon for tolerance, openness and respect", he said in a statement on Thursday.

Trump has repeatedly questioned Russia's role in meddling in the 2016 presidential election and has said he believes Putin's claim that his government did not interfere in Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

Trump first met May Thursday night and the pair spoke for about 90 minutes and attended a state dinner.

"We record when we deal with reporters, it's called fake news and we solve a lot of problems with the good old recording instrument".

However, Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan appeared to defend the president's stance - and soften the blow on May's Brexit deal - saying this morning that when Trump criticised the deal, he had not actually seen the finer details of the white paper.

Trump, as he has before, criticized London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, as having "done a very bad job on terrorism".

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