Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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Bankrate Survey: Maryland Among Worst States For Retirement

Bankrate Survey: Maryland Among Worst States For Retirement

Crunching data from several sources, Bankrate said that South Dakota is the best state to retire in, and NY is the worst.

The bottom of the barrel for retirement was NY, according to Bankrate's findings. And when it was all said and done, South Dakota came out on top as the best state for you to retire to when it's time.

Analysts say people living in South Dakota are more satisfied with their lives than anyone else, enjoy low taxes, feel financially secure and enjoy a sense of community.

Nevada did not rank well for healthcare quality, well-being, and crime, but it did rank high for taxes, according to the study.

New Jersey was ranked the worst in taxes and near the bottom, at No. 42, for cost of living. Weather was the only metric to hit the bottom rung of the ranking ladder. The cost of living is among the most important factors due to the fact that a comfortable retirement is affordable, while health care quality also matters as you get up in age.

States were ranked on cost of living, overall crime rate, well-being, taxes and cultural vitality.

New York, meanwhile, makes life hardest on those who recently escaped the daily grind, coming in dead last at 50.

Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire and Florida rounded out the top five spots on the list, even though the scores of Utah, Idaho and New Hampshire also were affected by weather.

Louisiana and Arkansas followed to round out the five worst states in which to retire.

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