Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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Sprint Follows Rivals By Complicating Its Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Sprint Follows Rivals By Complicating Its Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Both Plus and Basic plans are available to existing customers.

If you still have the current Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan, you can keep it for now, as Sprint makes no mention of forcing current subscribers to join one of these new plans. This is an improvement over Unlimited Freedom's former 23GB data soft-cap.

If you want fewer limits on your unlimited plan, Sprint is offering Unlimited Plus for $70 a month, which includes HD video streaming and 15GB of data. With five, the cost per line for the more expensive option is $42, and the other is $32.

Get Data Sheet, Fortune's technology newsletter. As you might have expected, they are similar to Unlimited Freedom, only with a few tweaks here and there, plus all of the throttling and non-unlimited unlimitedness you would expect from a United States carrier.

The first line of Unlimited Basic costs $60 per month on AutoPay, the second costs an additional $40 and extra lines up to the fifth are $20 each. To lessen the blow, Sprint is offering a $50 prepaid MasterCard to the first ten people through the door of a Sprint store tomorrow to create a new line on one of these new plans.

If you find those restrictions too limited for an unlimited plan, you can try the more expensive Unlimited Plus plan.

With the headway the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is making, one wonders why Sprint doesn't just call it a day and coast along until the deal is approved. The plan includes unlimited data, talk, and text. Interestingly, the carrier said that music streams are throttled to 1.5 Mbps and gaming streams are throttled to 8 Mbps, and that users who consume more than 50 GB in a month can have their speeds reduced.

Meanwhile, the Unlimited Basic plan trims down the features and the cost. In Mexico and Canada, enjoy unlimited talk and text and 5GB of 4G LTE data. And Sprint's 4G LTE network is the most improved in the USA with national average download speeds up 30.9 percent year-over-year, more than any other national carrier.6 Sprint is making its largest network investment in years and its Next-Gen Network build is well underway. On Friday, July 13, almost all Sprint retail stores across the country will open one hour early. Good only on July 13.

However, that promotional price is scheduled to rise in a year's time to $160 per month for four lines.

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