Published: Sat, July 14, 2018

Stormy Daniels' Ohio Strip Club Charges Dismissed

Stormy Daniels' Ohio Strip Club Charges Dismissed

The porn star's lawyer said the arrest "reeks of desperation", and said Daniels was performing the same routine she had done "at almost a hundred strip clubs" throughout the country.

Avenatti had earlier tweeted that the arrest was "a set-up" and "politically motivated".

She was originally charged on three counts of illegally touching a patron. Two other people were arrested at the club, but it is unclear who they were.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was accused of touching three customers who were undercover vice detectives in the early-morning incident, police in the OH capital Columbus said in a statement. "We will fight all bogus charges".

Ohio's state law prohibits anyone who isn't a family member from touching a nude or half nude dancer.

Prosecutors say the "touching" statute only applies to strippers who "regularly appear" at the establishment.

She was released on bail before 6 a.m. Thursday. "This was a setup and politically motivated", he wrote on Twitter. The Associated Press reports that the 2007 law was introduced by a conservative religious group, but some say it has seldom been enforced.

"They placed undercover officers in the strip club where they hoped they would be able to arrest my client", Avenatti said in a phone call.

Daniels' attorney told NBC News there were multiple undercover vice officers in the club during her show and after the customer touched her, officers got up and arrested her on the spot.

A Columbus police spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Columbus police have not confirmed any arrest, and neither have Siren's Gentlemen's Club.

A spokesperson for the Franklin County Sheriff's Department told CBS as of early Thursday morning, Daniels was not being held there.

Ms Daniels became embroiled in a row with President Donald Trump after saying she had slept with him in 2006, an allegation which he denies.

Avenatti also shared a statement from Stormy herself in which she apologized for not being able to go on with a scheduled show for Thursday night in Columbus. He initially said he used his own money to pay Daniels and was not reimbursed by Trump.

Trump's longtime former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, arranged a nondisclosure agreement shortly before the 2016 presidential election and paid Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about the alleged sexual encounter. He was married to Melania Trump at the time and has denied Daniel's claim.

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