Published: Sat, July 14, 2018

The Trumps meet Queen Elizabeth II

The Trumps meet Queen Elizabeth II

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When Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005, he released a statement indicating that when he becomes King his second wife would not use the normal title of Queen Consort out of respect to the late Princess Diana.

The Trumps then went for tea with Queen Elizabeth.

A photo of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump posing with Queen Elizabeth II during their visit to Windsor Castle has been released, and someone looked rather unamused.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" was then played and the queen guided the president on a review of the honour guard in the castle courtyard. The President wore a suit and tie and the first lady wore a pale pink Dior suit with matching skirt and black belt.

In 2008, when then USA president George W Bush had tea with the monarch at Windsor, he enjoyed a traditional English afternoon spread of tea, small sandwiches and cakes in the White Drawing Room. The Trumps will be expected to call her "Your Majesty" upon meeting her and afterward call her "Ma'am".

"She nearly had to dance around him", Ms James said.

President Donald Trump with Queen Elizabeth II, prepare to inspect the Guard of Honour at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England.

Trump has long held a fascination with British history, traditions and royalty. He admires Sir Winston Churchill and is a casual royal watcher, sometimes commenting on tabloid royal news on Twitter. Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, who emigrated to the 1930, died in 2000.

"I only have one regret in the women department -- that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer. I met her on a number of occasions".

The meeting comes just one day after Trump arrived in London for his four-day visit. "She'll truly be missed".

Trump did appear to notice, and in the video below you'll see that as she catches up with him, she gives the tiniest gesture with her hand, signaling to him to continue walking.

Reuters noted that Trump "halted abruptly" during the inspection, forcing Queen Elizabeth to walk around him. You don't see, like, anything embarrassing. Considering her estimated net worth is $50 million, dishing out $10,000 for a bag probably just feels like reaching for pocket change to her.

Trump and Melania greeting the Queen.

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