Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
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West Nile virus detected in Orleans Parish mosquitoes

West Nile virus detected in Orleans Parish mosquitoes

Last year, a total of seven West Nile cases were found in Alberta, according to Alberta Health.

The Mosquito and Termite Control Board will continue to take proactive measures to protect residents such as applying insecticides by truck (as weather permits) and applying larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from developing.

The virus is spread through the bite of a mosquito that had been feeding on an infected bird.

Spraying occurred in Adams County approximately a dozen times previous year, she said.

From 10 midnight Monday, the Berkshire County Mosquito Control Project has scheduled truck-mounted mosquito spraying on roads within a 1-mile radius of the positive testing site. "We are hoping this early virus detection does not foreshadow abnormal mosquito-borne disease activity later in the year".

Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long trousers and socks when outdoors, particularly at dawn and dusk and in areas with large numbers of mosquitoes. A small bucket of water, if left stagnant for seven days, can become a breeding ground for as many as a 1,000 mosquitoes, according to the release. The virus can also infect horses and birds, with birds serving as the source of infection for most mosquitoes who then pass the virus along to humans by biting them.”. If bitten, residents can develop West Nile non-neurological syndrome, or West Nile neurological syndrome, which is more serious.

There are no vaccines for the West Nile virus but only 20 percent of people show mild symptoms that can include fever and body aches.

Suttorp says wearing protective clothing and appropriate insect repellent will help reduce your chances of contracting West Nile virus. A quick cover-to-cover read to catch up on the news of the week and experience great stories about our local communities.

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