Published: Thu, July 19, 2018

Father accidentally kills own daughter with a gun

Father accidentally kills own daughter with a gun

State Police say a southern IN man accidentally shot and killed his 6-year-old daughter while cleaning a handgun.

The girl, identified as Makayla S. Bowling (Makayla S. Bowling), was killed Friday night at his home in Washington County, Indiana, said in a statement to the police.

Bowling's death closely echoes that of the Florida 14-year-old who was accidentally shot by his father at a gun range in July 2016, as well as the OH 2-year-old who was accidentally shot and killed by his 13-year-old brother last year.

Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department responded to the home and transported the girl by air ambulance about 40 miles to the Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was pronounced dead.

Police do not believe that foul play was involved but the shooting remains under investigation.

Police said her father was cleaning a handgun that he thought was unloaded when it discharged and struck the grade-schooler. No charges have been filed.

Man accidentally shoots six-year-old daughter in Indiana. In 2015, a Pennsylvania police chief died when a pistol he was cleaning discharged and shot him in the chest. Of these deaths, almost 50 cases were associated with victims who were 14 or less.

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