Published: Thu, July 19, 2018

Tamil serial 'Vamsam' actor kills self in Chennai

Tamil serial 'Vamsam' actor kills self in Chennai

Priyanka, Popular TV serial actress who is known for her role in Ramya Krishnan's Tamil serial Vamsam, was found dead at her residence.

Her body was found hanging on Wednesday morning when the maid arrived at the 32-year-old actress's house and nobody answered the door. The case has been filed and the investigation has been started.

Prinyanka apparently took the extreme step because of the differences with her husband who is being questioned in this connection, PTI quoted police as saying. She was married to Arunbala in 2015 but the two have been living separately for the past two months. Priyanka was also part of several other Tamil serials across different channels. She was most prominently noted for her role as the sister of the protagonist in one of the storylines in the TV serial "Vamsam". Priyanka's body was reportedly first seen by her maid, when she came to the house for her daily work.

Recently, the Tamil television industry has witnessed numerous deaths. She had acted in a few films too. Actor Sai Prashanth committed suicide after a long bout with depression early that year.

The police had found a suicide note in Ms Reddy's bag, which said that she was depressed and "my brain is my enemy".

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