Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Blue Origin launches spacecraft higher than in prior attempts

Blue Origin launches spacecraft higher than in prior attempts

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket will conduct its ninth test flight on Wednesday with a short hop pushing the vehicle to its limits - in order to satisfy safety parameters, whilst also carrying numerous payloads in the capsule. Although it did not have any flight passengers yet, two of the flights have included "Mannequin Skywalker", its test dummy.

If all those tests go well, perhaps we'll see great deals on a New Shepard flight for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

The launch was pulled off without a hitch: both the booster and the crew capsule returned to Earth.

Likewise during Wednesday's flight, the booster appeared to behave normally despite the sudden rush of exhaust and the powerful thrust of the abort motor.

"An awesome feature of New Shepard is its modular interior design".

Accompanying the dummy aboard the capsule were NASA atmospheric science experiments and payloads from paying customers.

Moments later, small drogue parachutes deployed to slow and stabilize the capsule before three huge blue-and-orange chutes unfurled to lower the spacecraft to a gentle landing.

On the launch webcast Tuesday, company spokesperson Ariane Cornell said launching humans could begin "hopefully after a couple more tests".

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft

Perched on top of the vehicle is a capsule for crew members, which the rocket carries skyward during flight. About 20 seconds after the capsule separated, the capsule fired its solid-propellant escape motor in a planned test of its performance at high altitudes. The flight helped researchers collect critical data to help them confirm theories, refine previous results and fine-tune experiments for future testing.

According to a representative of Blue Origin, the flight will take place in a capsule on Board which will be another 5 people. That's 74 miles or 119 kilometers.

Piloted test flights are expected to start later this year, but no target dates have been announced.

However, Blue Origin rebuked the amount in a statement. The representative of the company Jeff Bezos said that the price of such "trips" will be 200-300 thousand dollars.

"We have not set ticket pricing and have had no serious discussions inside of Blue on the topic". We haven't released those details. "That means understanding everything that's necessary for human spaceflight, including the escape system". "It's coming", she said.

Those payloads some that flew previously, like the Schmitt Space Communicator developed by Solstar, a New Mexico company seeking to demonstrate the use of wifi communications technologies in space.

The New Shepard rocket blasted off from West Texas on the company's latest test flight.

LC-11 will be used to test fire New Glenn engines, while LC-36 will be the launch site for the orbital rocket that is being placed to take on other vehicles in its class, such as those from SpaceX and United Launch Alliance.

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