Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Microsoft's Store app gets a revamped design on the desktop

Microsoft's Store app gets a revamped design on the desktop

The company announced meeting the milestone of 600 million active devices back in November, last year.

Microsoft officials have been hinting the company was closing in on the 700 million mark for Windows 10, but now it's official.

Microsoft released its earnings report yesterday and held its Q4 FY2018 analyst call that revealed Windows 10 is yet to hit that 700 million target. Microsoft then supported these numbers during its Build 2018 Developer conference but clarified that it's "nearly" not over 700 million.

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Now, as we've also talked about before, a major part of the solution will be Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are web-based apps that act like native applications rather than browser-bound software - but it sounds like Microsoft is anxious that this might not pan out effectively enough to provide a complete solution. ZDNet reported that according to the company's Investor Relations, "impact from the looming Windows 7 end-of-support date of January 2020 still has not yet had a material impact on Windows 10's uptake". So maybe that will be what drives the figure officially beyond the 700 million magic number. As we've seen in the company's latest financial results, the "More Personal Computing" division which includes Windows, Gaming and Surface still remains the biggest money maker for Microsoft with $10.8 billion in revenue (up 17% YoY) this past quarter.

Windows Central observes: "It probably goes without saying that UWP [universal apps] is also something Microsoft is actively pushing on Andromeda, and apps like WhatsApp are a possible contender for this, but progress on the UWP front is slow, hence the focus on PWAs".

Of the almost 700 million active monthly devices running Windows 10, 200 million of those are commercial Windows 10 devices, company officials have said recently.

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