Published: Thu, August 02, 2018

Passenger captures dramatic moment plane crashes in Mexico

Passenger captures dramatic moment plane crashes in Mexico

"Within a couple of minutes, the plane just started shaking and we heard a loud noise, we don't know behind us, we don't know right or left, but we just heard a loud noise behind us, and the next thing we knew, [the plane] was starting to smoke", Rivera said.
"And then the third time we bounced we hit like a barrier".

Another survivor tweeted that it was the "scariest moment of my life. never thought this would happen to me".

Aeromexico, the Mexican airline operating the flight, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that it was aware of an "accident" in Durango.

The Chicago-born priest was returning from a vacation at his family's ancestral home when the plane crashed. He said he didn't know if it was a lightning bolt or a mechanical problem and that they had just taken off when the plane fell.

The governor of Mexico's Durango state says are no deaths from Tuesday's crash of an Aeromexico airliner near the state capital. As the left wing hit the ground, the plane lost both engines and came to a stop more than 300 yards from the runway, reports CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez.

Photos posted by Durango Civil Protection show smoke rising from the apparent crash site, which was surrounded by first responders and emergency vehicles.

"Yes, we took off but there was a lot of rain", she said, adding that she believed the pilot had tried to slow down the plane after it made impact with the ground. Everyone who was on board the plane was taken to local hospitals, he added.

Picture released by Contacto Hoy showing an injured man at the airport of Durango, in northern Mexico, after a plane carrying 97 passengers and four crew crashed during takeoff on July 31, 2018. Officials at his parish said shortly after hearing about the crash on local news, the phone rang and incredibly it was Father Esequiel.

Governor Aispuro said witnesses told him there was a "bang", before the nearly full Embraer 190 fell to the ground without warning at around 16:00 local time (21:00 GMT).

Aeromexico has operated the 10-year-old aircraft since 2014, according to the airline. "It burned in a question of seconds", he told reporters, snapping his fingers for emphasis.

While 49 people are in the hospital, no one was killed.

The four crew members scrambled to get all 99 passengers - 88 adults, nine children and two infants - off and away from the burning plane after it crashed.

He said the jetliner had been sent for maintenance in February and the crew was well-rested, having started their work day in Durango.

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