Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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New organ donation law ‘could save 700 more lives every year’

New organ donation law ‘could save 700 more lives every year’

The law change follows a consultation a year ago which showed the public are overwhelmingly in favour of organ donation, but only a minority have registered as organ donors.

The proposed new system of consent for organ and tissue donation, which will presume that people have agreed to transplants unless they have specifically opted out, is expected to come into effect in England in 2020 as part of a drive to help Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people.

The announcement comes after the Government launched a campaign, led by NHS Blood and Transplant with support from the National BAME Transplant Alliance, to address the cultural and religious barriers to organ donation in certain communities.

How much of a difference does Health minister Jackie Doyle-Price think this could make?

"It's still really important for all of us to have conversations with our loved ones about organ donation so our wishes can be met if the worst should happen".

Anyone can join the NHS Organ Donor Register, age and medical conditions are not necessarily a barrier to donation.

Grieving families are given the choice if a patient's wish to donate is not known, "but less than half give consent for the organs to be donated" says The Metro.

Those who do not wish to donate can record this on the NHS register either online, by phone or on an app to be released by the end of the year.

Dr Benn said the current system respected that "you know what you're doing and you're doing it because you want to save someone's life", he told Sky News on Saturday.

'I want to encourage people who wish to give life in the event of their death to take the time to record their wishes and discuss it with their family.

But Mr Beggs warned that unless it is also extended here, Northern Ireland will soon be the only part of the United Kingdom without an opt-out system.

There are roughly 5,100 people on the waiting list in England and the government estimates that the new system has the potential to save 700 extra lives a year.

A courageous caller who lost her husband to liver failure perfectly explains why a new opt-out system for organ donations is so important.

She added the new system would involve a "soft opt-out", where families could override the presumption in favour of donation if they strongly believed their dead relative would not have wanted it.

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