Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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Nutella is looking for taste testers, chocolate fans assemble

Nutella is looking for taste testers, chocolate fans assemble

If you love Nutella - and let's face it, few of us don't - the maker of the famed Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread has a potential job for you.

The job posting, which is in Italian, said Ferrero's research company Soremartec Italia Srl is looking for people interested in learning "how to taste cocoa, hazelnut and other semi-finished sweet products".

The spread is manufactured by Ferrero, which is hiring "sensory judges" to try the food items.

The only catch is you have to relocate to Ferrero's headquarters in Italy - but even that sounds like a job perk! While normally the company relies on professionals for this all-important task, this time Ferrero is taking a different approach - they want regular consumers, whose taste buds aren't influenced by a formal education in nutrition.

Selected applicants will first undergo three months of training to learn correct terminology and improve senses.

Travel + Leisure explains select candidates would be picked to work on a long-term basis for two days every week for two hours when the training program wraps up.

But of course, candidates can't have nut allergies and must be able to use a computer. The finalists will be offered part-time positions that would allow them to seek other work on the side.

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