Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' reveals Castlevania additions and more

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' reveals Castlevania additions and more

Simon's signature stage is Dracula's Castle, which includes cameos from all the series' most iconic bosses, including, naturally enough, Dracula himself.

Plus, two new echo fighters (which are kind of like alternate skins for existing characters) are coming to Smash Ultimate: Dark Samus from Metroid and Chrom from Fire Emblem. Or, they could just save it as a complete secret until the game launches. Ultimate will feature 103 stages and 900 individual music tracks. A new stage, New Donk City Hall, was also announced, based on the recent Super Mario Odyssey title.

Smashdown - Play through the entire Smash Bros. Each stage also features a "Battlefield" and "Omega" variation, adding up to over 300 different stages. Considering that Snake is now reappearing in Smash Bros Ultimate, it seems that Nintendo's partnership with Konami for Smash Bros has been rekindled, and Castlevania fans will no doubt be pleased that the gothic action series is being teased for the Switch fighting game. Currently, we can only assume that the new, unannounced mode revolves around investigating this horrendous crime.

And if you're really into video game music, you can plug your headphones into your Switch and listen to tracks while the Switch screen is turned off, kind of like an extra-large MP3 player. Songs are also grouped by series now, rather than being linked to specific stages, so whenever you play on any stage form any video game franchise, you'll have the chance to have any song from that franchise. You can pre-order one them now from Amazon for $30 each.

Some additional screenshots are posted here, but there are plenty more in the post rounding up news out of the Nintendo Direct. Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai also took the time to go over some returning game modes and introduce some new ones. But Sakurai's narration (well, the English translation of his narration) specifically mentioned "a mysterious mode" that Nintendo isn't ready to talk about yet (the fuzzy one in the picture above).

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