Published: Thu, August 09, 2018

Heatwave to last until OCTOBER with soaring temperatures predicted

Heatwave to last until OCTOBER with soaring temperatures predicted

Thunderstorm warnings have been issued as the heatwave which has gripped the south east comes to an end.

Forecasters at the Met Office have said a "very hot and often sunny day" is expected today, with highs of up to 33C.

After two months of warm weather, the Met Office says hotter than normal conditions over the next three months are 11 times more likely than much cooler conditions.

While Wednesday in Brighton looks set to remain dry, Met Office forecasts suggest that there is a significant likelihood of rain on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

"For August-September-October, the Met Office long-range prediction system, in agreement with systems from other prediction centres, shows an increased chance of high-pressure patterns close to the United Kingdom".

"Although temperatures are more likely to be warmer than average over the three months, this doesn't mean wall-to-wall sunshine, it can still be warm and cloudy".

The UK's warmer than average weather could last until October, the Met Office says. The probability the United Kingdom average temperature will fall into the warmest of our five categories is around 55 per cent'.

The Met Office said the mercury could reach 34C in Essex, Norfolk, on Tuesday as warm air from the continent continues to swelter the UK.

"Sea surface temperatures close to the United Kingdom have reached near-record levels as a result of the prolonged hot and sunny weather", said the Met Office.

However, by the start of September, the weather pattern is expected to slow, resulting in "settled" conditions.

Whilst the intense heat of the previous weeks does look to have passed, warm weather is expected to remain in the United Kingdom until October, because of a global heatwave that has seen record temperatures set across Europe.

"There is the potential for travel disruption from torrential downpours, lightning, hail and gusty winds, with fresher temperatures following".

Bookmaker Ladbrokes said the United Kingdom could still see 35C at least once this week before the heatwave ends.

Britain's heatwave will continue for a couple more days this week before temperatures are set to drop.

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