Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
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NCAA announces major rule changes coming to college basketball

NCAA announces major rule changes coming to college basketball

The NCAA announced a series of policy changes regarding their rules for student athletes on Wednesday following the ongoing FBI Investigation into several prominent college basketball programs.

However, the agents must be certified by the NCAA. The rule changes are effective immediately. There is some dissatisfaction with the announcement both from USA Basketball and the NBA.

The NCAA will now allow "elite" high school and prospective college athletes to be represented by an agent, while also permitting players to return to school if undrafted by the National Basketball Association, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

College players will be able to enter the draft after each season has concluded, as usual - but they will have the option of returning to school if they go undrafted or are unable to find a viable deal to play professionally.

Division I schools will be required to pay tuition, fees and books for basketball players who leave school and return to the same school to complete their degree.

The NCAA will also limit the kinds of "basketball-related events" high school athletes can go to, allowing only ones that the NCAA can vet.

Most of the changes take effect beginning this school year.

University presidents and chancellors will also now be personally resposible for their athletics programs abiding by the NCAA's rules.

Rice said the vast majority of schools play by the rules but a "win at all cost" approach by others who have been inadequately punished must be changed. The NCAA is establishing a fund to assist schools in this endeavor. There will also be longer postseason bans, head coach suspensions and increased recruiting restrictions for college coaches who break the rules.

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