Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin exchange words prior to kickoff

Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin exchange words prior to kickoff

On Thursday, Cam Newton got the chance to confront Kelvin about his comments, but the Buffalo Bills WR chose to dismiss him and just walk away from the conversation.

Benjamin was a first-round pick by the Panthers in 2014 and played in 40 career games with them, catching 184 passes for 2,424 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Initially, Newton's only response, posted in a video to social media, was to say that he wasn't "gonna go back and forth with him" but continue to "work".

"If you would've put me with any other QB, let's be real, you know what I'm saying?" Anybody! QBs with knowledge, who know how to place a ball and give you a better chance to catch the ball.

Perhaps in an unprompted manner like Benjamin, Newton clearly changed his mind.

During individual warmups about an hour and a half before the game, a photographer from The Charlotte Observer captured Newton approaching Benjamin as he spoke with former teammate and current Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.

When it became clear Benjamin wasn't over their squabbling, Newton ushered away a Bills player for privacy, but Benjamin walked away from the conversation.

As fate would have it, the Panthers and Bills will meet Thursday night in Buffalo for their first preseason game. "So we'll move forward as a team, and I'm hoping we've already done that".

Newton did his best to sidestep the comments by Benjamin.

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