Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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Facebook denies it asked banks to share customers' financial information

Facebook denies it asked banks to share customers' financial information

Not only can you have conversations with friends, but now you can also play AR games on the Facebook Messenger app. Considering that Facebook has faced a lot of criticism recently for sharing their data with other platforms, so it is highly unlikely that the banks would be interested in sharing the confidential information of their esteemed customers. "They are trying to connect you with all of your friends, obviously they are the largest photo site on the web, and so it would make sense that they would try to become kind of a banking site too". These AR games can be played while video chatting on Messenger, with support for up to six players at a time. Facebook is trying to incentivize users to utilize their Video messenger by adding games and making it more interactive to video call someone.

This initial batch was cooked up in-house and according to TechCrunch the company isn't looking to let external developers publish AR games for video chat just quite yet. These games test each player's ability to steer a spaceship using their face.

Most often, if video chats go long, we do things to pass the time-Facebook is giving us a way to do that right on the video message. "Asteroids Attack" sees you move your face around to navigate a space ship, avoiding rocks and grabbing laser beam powerups.

The social media company said users of financial firms such as PayPal (PYPL.O), Citibank (C.N) and American Express (AXP.N) could link their financial accounts with Facebook's Messenger and chat with a customer service representative.

The feature is available when users tap on the star button while doing video chat.

Through pure dint of being used by everyone, Messenger is becoming the defacto cross-messaging platform for many.

Facebook appears determined to radically change how video calls work - the company is planning the release of two additional games "in the coming weeks and months".

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