Published: Fri, August 10, 2018

Fortnite for Android is here (if you’ve got a Samsung phone)

Fortnite for Android is here (if you’ve got a Samsung phone)

While, on paper, the Note 9's dual 12MP camera sounds identical to that on last year's model, Samsung claims that the new horizontally-aligned sensors are "more intelligent" than before, with its AI-fuelled camera app now letting you know when an image is flawed; if someone has blinked, for example.

The new Note will support up to 1 terabyte of memory - it will have a 512 GB version that will support an additional 512 GB memory card - the source said, making Samsung the first major smartphone maker to sell a 1TB phone. That seems like it should be obvious, but it's one area where the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ fell short earlier this year; not only did they look nearly exactly like their predecessors, but they didn't really have any exciting new features that might warrant an upgrade.

Details on the device are scant, and Samsung did not announce pricing or availability. I typically tend to switch to my classic analogue timepiece when going out, however, after trying the Galaxy Watch on I am quite confident that it wouldn't feel out of place in the theater, or during pre- and post-show drinks.

"The product was too similar to the S8".

There's no denying that the Note 9 is a polished gadget that's popping with exciting features.

Samsung is counting on its latest device to lead the charge during the crucial holiday season and revitalise a mobile division where profits nearly halved last quarter. Since the recall of the fire-prone Note 7 that cost the company billions of dollars, the company has intensified quality inspections, even if that meant withholding innovations from consumers.

Samsung accidentally spilled the beans on the Watch late last month with a store listing.

"Samsung is planning for a more aggressive design update next year", Wayne Lim, an analyst with IHS Markit, wrote after the launch.

But we were able to play around with the handset and check out the improved new S Pen stylus that slots right into a tidy little gap on the bottom of the phone. It will let users remotely control the Note 9's camera and switch between slides in a presentation, the company said. The Note 9's camera upgrade is on par with the one given to the S9 in March, adding enhanced colours and exposure.

The Apple Watch may dominate the smartwatch market, but Samsung is finally clapping back with the health-focused LTE Galaxy Watch. And while that may not sound insane, it amounts to 700mAh, which should easily make the Note9 an all-day-and-then-some device for even heavy users.

The S Pen is always an important aspect of the Note series and invariably gets more features in each iteration.

This new device has just been shown to the world at Samsung's Unpacked event in NY with it boasting plenty of upgrades which could make it one of the most powerful phones ever.

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