Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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God of War New Game Plus Coming August 20, Details Revealed

God of War New Game Plus Coming August 20, Details Revealed

God of War is one of the most critically acclaimed games this year, and Sony Santa Monica is working on a reason to revisit the frigid environs of Norse mythology.

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It sounds like New Game Plus should be a pretty challenging mode, especially for those who decide to play through it on one of the game's harder difficulties (just imagine how tough the Valkyries are going to be). You'll be able to skip cutscenes in this mode as well, and in fact, anyone will be able to bypass them in any game mode as long as they've completed the game at least once. You'll start the journey over with all of your previous armors, enchantments, talismans, resources, and abilities. Instead, it'll increase the difficulty by forcing encounters with enemies of higher levels and will give players new gear to look for.

In addition, players can craft and upgrade their equipment to a new rarity level through a new resource exclusive to new game+; Skap Slag. Players can also expect new customization options for their armor sets and enchantments. This will, of course, be a free update for the game and will be accessible for those who have already finished the story in God of War.

According to Kaufman, not only will the forthcoming patch be the "biggest update to God of War" yet, but also it has been inspired by player feedback, so it will be interesting to see how the fan base reacts when it goes live. Lastly, users can now skip all of the in-game cinematics in normal and New Game Plus after they've beaten the game once.

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