Published: Fri, August 10, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel shuts down Kanye West's love for Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel shuts down Kanye West's love for Donald Trump

"I feel like Remy Ma physically fights her beats". He said the experience stripped his confidence and it took over a year to wear his MAGA hat again. At one point during the long interview, West went on a tear about why he supports the president. "That's what makes Ye", Kanye added - Watch the full interview below!

"I quite enjoy [it] when people are mad at me about certain things". "And that's when you get these comments that just shoot out, nearly like Tourette's", West said. In honor of his late-night guest Kanye West, Kimmel introduced a "Mean Tweets: Hip-Hop Edition", featuring 50 Cent, Pusha T, Lil Wayne, Eve, and more. "And what it represented to me is not about policies - because I'm not a politician like that. And I think that we can not forget that, whether we like his personality or not, his actions are really what matter".

West appeared to be contemplating the question as the show went to commercial break.

Kimmel acknowledged Kanye's statements, but had his own thoughts on the matter. You got him thinking! The rapper told Kimmel that when he initially came out in support of Trump, people tried to scare him into making a the predictable choice, but he wouldn't budge. West's criticisms of former President George W. Bush for not caring about the black community. "It makes me wonder what makes you think Donald Trump does, or any people at all?"

Thursday night, Kanye West defended his decision to support Donald Trump during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and said he will not be "bullied" by those on the left.

Back in April, a few weeks after returning to Twitter, West opened up on Twitter about his "love" for Trump, saying, "You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him".

- John E.B. Goode (@dew_u) August 10, 2018Jimmy Kimmel calls out @kanyewest about his Bush comment. Trump commuted Johnson's sentence in June after Kardashian West pleaded her case.

Later in the show, West talked about working on dresses with daughter North and whether being a father to daughters has changed how he looks at women. Can I answer the first question you were going to ask me?

His thoughts also touched on Galileo being an iconoclast and meandered to "I've never heard of a class that breaks down how you balance a checkbook", and about how people are all "unpaid actors in some giant script that we didn't write".

West mentioned he had his "first complete blackout at age 5".

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