Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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Ryanair strike: One in six flights cancelled in pilot walkout

Ryanair strike: One in six flights cancelled in pilot walkout

Hundreds of Ryanair flights will not take off as planned on Friday due to pilot strikes in five countries.

Nearly 400 flights have been cancelled today, affecting more than 55,000 passengers.

"They tweeted: "£ryanair cancelled my flight in the last min because of pilots strike.

German pilot representatives said at a news conference Wednesday at Frankfurt's airport that they were joining the strike action because they want pay and work conditions comparable to those at Ryanair's competitors.

Ryanair, which averted widespread strikes before Christmas by agreeing to recognise unions for the first time in its 30-year history, has been unable to quell rising protests since over slow progress in negotiating collective labour agreements. They would have the option of a refund, rebooking on the next flight or rerouting.

Aircrafts of low-priced airliner Ryanair are parked at the tarmac of Weeze airport near the German-Dutch border during a wider European strike of Ryanair airline crews to protest slow progress in negotiating a collective labour agreement at Weeze airport, Germany, August 10, 2018. Irish pilots recently staged four one-day walkouts, while cabin crew in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal went on strike on July 25 and 26.

If this option is not available on the same day or next day then then we will try to accommodate you on the next available Ryanair flight from or to a suitable alternative airport within the same country.

Other concerns are the status of contractors whose working conditions are not as good as those enjoyed by permanently employed staff and employee contracts based on Irish legislation.

Customers were notified as early as possible and a majority of those affected had already been moved to another Ryanair flight, the airline added.

Staff claim this creates huge insecurity for them, blocking their access to state benefits in their country. But it has also threatened to move part of its fleet to Poland, which could mean a loss of jobs.

Unions have strongly condemned what they see as Ryanair's attempts to play countries off against each other.

Ryanair flights departing Dublin Airport.

The European Trade Union Confederation welcomed the cross-border action by the pilots, saying it made it harder for management to ignore the pilots' demands.

It also called on the striking unions to return to negotiations rather than "calling any more unjustified strikes".

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