Published: Sat, August 11, 2018

Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer Win Michigan Gubernatorial Primary Races

Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer Win Michigan Gubernatorial Primary Races

He recalled his own run for Congressional office as a Republican for a House district in the Maryland panhandle as well as for U.S. Senate several years ago. That is almost 28 percent higher than the 1.7 million who turned out in 2002, which is believed to be the previous MI midterm primary record. Just over 28 percent of the voting-age population cast ballots, an increase from the previous high of 24 percent from 1982.

Gretchen Whitmer, a former Democratic leader in the MI state Senate, claimed her party's nomination for governor Tuesday, defeating two insurgent rivals and setting up a crucial test for Midwestern Democrats and organized labor in November.

Michigan, where Republicans have controlled state government for 7½ years, is an important gauge of whether Democrats can make gains in the upper Midwest after Trump won the state in 2016.

She beat veteran Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) in the primary, prompting the Democratic National Committee's Tom Perez to describe the former Bernie Sanders campaign organizer as "the future" of the Democratic party. "When you've got a Legislature that's so male, all the leaders making decisions around our health care being white males. you get the policies that we have here in MI. We know we deserve better and we are ready to fight, right?"

Republicans say they expected higher Democratic turnout.

Greg Gutfeld and the panel on "The Five" reacted to NY democratic socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turning down an offer from conservative author Ben Shapiro to debate him on the issues, with the added incentive of a $10,000 campaign contribution. We're aware of it. Both Shri Thanedar and Abdul El Sayed positioned themselves as progressives.

"Our voters will come home". He likes Trump but said the president's endorsement did not sway him. Debbie Stabenow for re-election to a fourth term, lawyer Dana Nessel for state attorney general and election expert Joceyln Benson for secretary of state - which is already unprecedented.

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