Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
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McDonald's offering chance to win McGold Card, free food for life

McDonald's offering chance to win McGold Card, free food for life

McDonald's officially confirmed that the card exists and only a handful of people have ever gotten their hands on one. McDonald's recently released a new ad for their "McGold Card", which is like the Black Card of fast food.

"The McGold Card isn't some bedtime story, it's real", Ancient Aliens co-executive producer and "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" Giorgio Tsoukalos assures viewers as a brief clip of Bigfoot running with the coveted card is shown. The card is actually a gold plated phone case that will be awarded to the competition's victor. Warren Buffett, Rob Lowe and Bill Gates are said to be among them, but Business Insider reports that Gates is the only one who has a physical Gold Card. The victor will be announced on or about August 29, and will be granted the McGold status, entitling them to two meals per week for 50 years.

If you win, your concerns over where your next meal is coming from will be replaced by fears that your heirs will attempt to hasten your death (more than eating a lifetime supply of Big Macs will hasten it) in order to get their grubby mitts on your McGold Card.

To enter, customers can either order a meal using the McDonald's app between August 10 and August 24, or enter via email, as the official rules stipulate that no purchase is actually neccessary. It appears that all memory of that documentary has been wiped, because McDonald's lovers are going insane over a new competition that will award one victor free food for life.

McDonald's says the prize value totals at $52,350. They'll also receive a 24-carat gold-plated phone cased etched with their name.

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