Published: Sun, August 12, 2018

Kanye West Says Liberals Can’t "Bully" Him Out Of Supporting Donald Trump

Kanye West Says Liberals Can’t

Over the past few hours, Ebro has relied on the power of social media to single out Kanye for possibly trolling fans with undying President Donald Trump support. "So I want to prove that you can get fat, you can say the wrong things, you can piss a f*cking city off".

Kanye West is returning to Jimmy Kimmel To live! this evening, marking his first appearance on a late night show in five years.

Then-President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye West pose for a picture in the lobby of Trump Tower in NY.

"It represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt, no matter what anyone said", West said. Without it - and if his mom medicated him as a child - "I might have never been 'Ye", he said. That's what makes Ye.

First, when Kimmel asked whether Kanye had concerns about his wife Kim Kardashian being alone with Trump in the Oval Office, the rapper joked, "Well, he is a player", eliciting LOLs from the crowd.

"He lifts my helmet up and he goes, 'Are you crying?' I was sobbing", she recalled. "We never had therapists in the black community", Kanye said in response.

His answer? Silence! West appeared to be contemplating the right answer, and Kimmel cued up the commercial break promptly. He did a bad thing, but I still love him.

Kanye has previously flaunted a signed "Make America Great Again" - a move that saw Trump try to harness and hawk more of the merch - and posed with Republican representatives.

Even though he received a lot of blowback from his peers, West kept expressing his affection for the president and his "dragon energy". When Kimmel pressed him on specifics, though, pointing out that families are being separated at the border and asking West, "You've so famously and so powerfully said George Bush doesn't care about black people". "They keep us so focused on history till we actually believe it repeats itself. and we can't advance as a race of beings", he told Kimmel. "The hip-hop community can't bully me", he said.

On Friday evening the president tweeted his gratitude for the supportive words that did come out of West's mouth during the interview. I'll say it on real TV.

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