Published: Sun, August 12, 2018

Omarosa Manigault Newman says she secretly taped her White House firing

Omarosa Manigault Newman says she secretly taped her White House firing

In an attempt to set the record straight on reports surrounding her dramatic firing, former White House staffer and reality TV personality Omarosa Manigault Newman said that she recorded a discussion between herself and White House chief of staff John Kelly.

A weekly recap of the top political stories from The Globe, sent right to your email. Apparently, she's got some secretly recorded audio of Trump that she's already shared with her close friends and will release in her book, which will be called Unhinged.

And the Republican National Committee pointed to her sudden admission she heard the tape where Trump allegedly said the N-word, despite her writing that she had only heard about it second-hand, as proof she shouldn't be trusted.

"It is hindsight. But I will say this to you, I was complicit with this White House deceiving this nation", she said.

"I was complicit with this White House deceiving this nation - they continue to deceive this nation", she said. She says that she saw the Commander-in-Chief eat a piece of paper after a meeting with his then personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

The truly troubling thing about the tape, as an alarmed Twitter quickly picked up on, is that it exists at all.

The US President keeps a tanning bed in the White House to maintain his very distinctive hue, according to a former member of his staff.

After the 2016 presidential election, in an interview with the Independent Journal Review, Omarosa Manigault-Newman said that the Trump had a long memory and that his team was keeping a list of their enemies.

The president appeared to back this sentiment on Saturday when he spoke before reporters and called Omarosa a "lowlife" when asked about her book, as Business Insider reported.

In addition to Newman's claims that Trump is a racist and a bigot, Newman claims that first lady Melania Trump will divorce her husband when his presidency ends and that she was offered "hush money" to stay mum about her time in the White House.

She added, "The president lies to the American people". The White House says the book is "riddled with lies and false accusations". And if I didn't have these recordings, no one in America would believe me.

She writes, "I rejected what other people said about him because they didn't know him like I did. No one. So I protected myself and I'm going to tell you, I'm so glad I did".

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