Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
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Fallout 76 uses strict bounty system to discourage killing innocent players

Fallout 76 uses strict bounty system to discourage killing innocent players

Apparently, Bethesda thought about that too and crafted a way to deal with the problem before the game is launched.

According to Howard, Fallout 76 will offer players "packs" of Perk Cards every other level during the start of the game. Howard compared this to slightly slapping a person to see if they want to fight.

When Fallout 76 was unveiled as a multiplayer game in June, many fans became concerned that their experience will be marred by griefers, who have become a permanent feature of online video games.

Repeatedly killing other players if they haven't attacked you will mark you on the map.

The other player may choose to ignore the slap or engage in player vs. player combat with the damage being brought back to normal levels.

Those who kill offending players can collect huge bonuses and other rewards once they complete the bounty.

What Else Did We Learn About 'Fallout 76?' And presumably if the aggressor is of a high level, that small damage could be enough to kill any low level player quickly, thereby hurting their experience.

The QuakeCon 2018 panel also revealed that there will be a revenge mechanic in Fallout 76.

The best part is that the funds will be subtracted from the offending player's account after they're killed. In essence, there is no point in killing another player that does not want to PvP; they will only lose. There are stashes in your camp and around the world that allow you to store what you're carrying, so you don't constantly explore with the risk of losing your resources. Meanwhile, the game will balance things when players engage opponents with much higher levels.

You can respawn anywhere you've unlocked. Each card has its own point cost based on how powerful it is, and how many points you can equip is determined by your rank in the associated SPECIAL You can swap in any cards from your collection whenever you want.

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