Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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University of Maryland Accepts Responsibility For Football Player's Death

University of Maryland Accepts Responsibility For Football Player's Death

Following Tuesday's news conference, Maryland announced that Rick Court had resigned.

The university suspended coach DJ Durkin, who was the head coach when McNair died.

"In light of deeply troubling reports about the University of Maryland football program's training practices and general culture, I support the university's decision to suspend Coach DJ Durkin, and expect that the investigation into the program will be wide-ranging and thorough", Hogan said. I said to them, and I said I would mention it publicly this afternoon - but I wanted them to hear it directly from me this morning - the university accepts legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes that our training staff made on that fateful workout day of May the 29th, which of course led subsequently to his death on June 13th.

Dr. Rod Walters, a former college athletic trainer, has been hired by Maryland to investigate the circumstances of McNair's death.

Loh ended the press conference on Tuesday by promising that the university's athletic program will focus on athletes' safety moving forward.

Evans said the staff never took McNair's temperature and did not give him cold water immersion after he collapsed during an official team workout in May. He was in the first year of a two-year contract that ran through February 2020. "Our athletic training staff did not take Jordan's temperature and did not apply a cold-water emergence treatment".

At a press conference, university president Wallace Loh also said that the university would take responsibility for McNair's death. A final report is expected by mid-September.

In the wake of ESPN's reports, Evans had expressed extreme concern about the allegations, and Loh, who called the allegations "disturbing", said the university "would retain an external expert to undertake a comprehensive examination of our coaching practices in the football program, with the goal that these practices reflect - not subvert - the core values of our University".

According to the preliminary reports from an ongoing investigation launched by the university, no vital signs were taken and "other safeguards that should have been taken were not", Loh said. "You entrusted Jordan to our care and he is never returning home again", he recalled saying to McNair's parents. And that ultimately the athletic training staff "basically misdiagnosed the situation".

"We will not tolerate any behavior from any employee within Maryland athletics that is detrimental to the mental or physical well-being of our student-athletes", Evans said.

The two officials apologized to McNair's family during that meeting in Baltimore and issued public apologies Tuesday. "We must have complete confidence that our student athletes are treated with dignity and respect and that they are supervised and coached responsibly".

The university last week suspended four members of its athletic staff pending a review of the football team's coaching practices.

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