Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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You can now purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for RM530 off

You can now purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for RM530 off

Samsung Electronics showcased the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone last week, which is its latest flagship equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery and Bluetooth-powered stylus. The top-end version comes with a whopping 512 gigabytes of storage capacity. The company is putting a third wide-angle lens on the flagship series, which only LG and ASUS have tried so far in terms of a flagship smartphone. Industry watchers attributed the weak performance to lackluster sales of the Galaxy S9.

To do this, simply fill out the ODR 50 € to the following address after you have bought your Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) at Rue du commerce, just here. In recent years, it has moved closer to the Galaxy S lineup, and the line between the two has really been blurred, especially since the Galaxy S9 Plus is nearly the same size as the Galaxy Note 9. "When we look at the first six months, sales rather increased by 6 percent", Koh said.

IHS Markit Principal Analyst Wayne Lam commented: "Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 represents an evolution in design".

"The Galaxy Note 9 is aimed at power users who want a large screen, and the new phone has a slightly larger 6.4" display. Details for the Note 9 had already leaked out on the internet and rumors about the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Home, Fortnite Beta was already floating in on the internet. The iPhone X costs an eye-watering ₹ 82,799 for the 64GB model, while pricing for the new Note 9 is expected to sit in the middle of the two at ₹ 69,999 as the price for India has yet to be announced, translating the cost directly from GBP of £1099 for the 512GB model converts to around ₹ 97,096.

The ninth edition of the Galaxy Note series with a 4,000-miliamphere-hour battery for all-day performance will hit the market on August 24 globally.

Samsung's mobile business president, DJ Koh, recently told the South Korean press that, when it comes to the first foldable smartphone that will eventually hit the market in the foreseeable future, the company is "focusing on developing innovations that will be genuinely accepted and liked by consumers".

"In India, Xiaomi became the No. 1 player in the fourth quarter previous year in terms of units sold", Koh said, "but revenue is also important". But revenue is also important. He also expressed hope for the company's presence in the Chinese market.

"We have different price strategies for each market and their conditions", said a Samsung official. As soon as users launch the Spotify app, they will be prompted to connect their Samsung account with their Spotify account.

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