Published: Thu, August 16, 2018

Emotional Night! Why Taylor Swift Nearly Broke Down in Tears

Emotional Night! Why Taylor Swift Nearly Broke Down in Tears

Taylor Swift has bravely opened up about her sexual assault case on the one year anniversary of a Colorado jury ruling in her favor that a former DJ groped her.

The 28-year-old singer gave an emotional speech at her reputation Stadium Tour concert on Tuesday (August 14) to address the trial and thank fans for sticking by her through the hard time. She sought a symbolic $1 for her countersuit to serve as an example to other women who have been assaulted.

In a tearful speech, Taylor talked about how "A year ago to the day the jury sided with me", adding "I want to say thank you for being there for me during what was a really frightful part of my life".

On stage on Tuesday night, the Grammy victor declared that "we have so much further to go" when it comes to believing victims of sexual assault and harassment and thanked fans for standing by her during "really a terrible part of my life".

Radio DJ that Taylor Swift accused of grabbing her butt says he was falsely accused and he was sacked without having a chance to give his side of the story.

Taylor was sued by a DJ named David Mueller, after he was sacked for sexually assaulting the singer when she posed for a photo with him in 2013, to which she counter sued for just one dollar.

Taking a break from the high energy show, Swift kept her eyes on her piano as she thanked her loyal fan base for their unwavering support throughout the 2017 trial, which ended with an eight-person jury voting unanimously in Swift's favour.

Swift went on to thank fans for opening their lives to her and for sticking with her through ups and downs.

She also issued a statement following the verdict thanking her legal team for fighting for her and anyone else affected by sexual assault.

"I don't know what turn my life would have taken if they didn't believe me", she continued. "And you know you guys have seen me go through so many ups and downs in my life just due to the public nature of the way my life is, and I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to see you and to have you and know you through the ups and the downs in my life". "And I'm just not really composed at all", she added.

After her speech, many took out $1 bills and held them in the air, referencing the amount she was awarded in her groping case against DJ Mueller.

American singer Taylor Swift has thanked her fans for the support they showed her through her sexual assault lawsuit.

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