Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
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'Hard Knocks' shows Corey Coleman asked Browns to trade him

'Hard Knocks' shows Corey Coleman asked Browns to trade him

Through two episodes, it has been anything but that.

Many point to Coleman's drop as the final nail in the Browns' "perfect season" coffin. Whether it's the sights and sounds, it allows the Dawg Pound an opportunity to see and hear things they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.

Before the second episode of the series even rolled its opening title sequence on Tuesday night, it began with a cold open of Coleman inside his downtown Cleveland apartment.

"Why am I running second team?" Coleman curtly said to the head coach.

Corey Coleman, a former Cleveland Browns first-round draft pick, finds himself in Buffalo after being traded last week for a seventh-round draft pick in 2020. In effect, the receiver went to head coach Hue Jackson's office, complained, and then said, "If you don't want me to play, why don't y'all just trade me?"

"What did you say?" Offensive coordinator Todd Haley was in Coleman's ear, telling him to stay in routes longer and, essentially, to compete harder. Coleman then followed that up asking why the Browns don't just trade him if they aren't going to play him.

Just a heads up: The video below includes some profane language.

Over the past year, 2016 first round pick Corey Coleman has fallen out of favor inside the Cleveland Browns organization.

Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah was one of the many that were underwhelmed with the trade, especially with the Browns only netting a seventh-round pick in return. "He found that and then I said, 'You finna use that?' and he was like, 'I have to.' I was like, 'Alright.' He said it was less than a speeding ticket, I don't know what that means but he said it was less than a speeding ticket". This time, some new characters enter the show.

The wide receiver brushed off the coaches' comments and instead focused on the only part he cared about: why was he playing on the second-team offense?

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