Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
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Is Planning to Build a Tunnel to Transport Fans to Dodger Stadium

Is Planning to Build a Tunnel to Transport Fans to Dodger Stadium

If you've ever been to a game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, you know that getting there isn't exactly easy: You can drive, fighting the city's notorious traffic (often at rush hour) to get into the parking lots and then fighting the parking-lot traffic to get out; take a Dodger Stadium Express bus from Union Station downtown or from one of five Metro Stations south of the stadium; or ride your bike to one of the racks outside the stadium. - announced plans to build a 3.6-mile tunnel that would go from Los Feliz, East Hollywood to Dodger Stadium. "People are now going to be in restaurants and bars, because they have more time, instead of just sitting in their cars". Each neighborhood has an LA Metro station that could be used, and The Boring Company proposes that it would buy a piece of property within walking distance of that station to set up its own station.

Dugout Loop will complement existing public transportation systems and provide an all-electric and affordable option that will transport baseball fans and concertgoers directly to the Dodger Stadium in less than four minutes.

At least initially, the Dugout Loop clientele would be limited to about 1,400 people per event, or roughly 2.5 percent of stadium capacity.

Neither the Boring Company nor the LA Dodgers immediately responded to requests for comment.

Late a year ago, Musk's company announced plans for a similarly constructed 60-mile tunnel system that would carry cars, cyclists and pedestrians underneath the streets of the Los Angeles area, with the first section nearing completion in May.

"The objective of Dugout Loop is to help reduce traffic in Los Angeles by providing a clean and efficient public transportation option to Dodger Stadium", the company said.

The Boring Company says that after it constructs the body of the tunnel, it will install concrete guideway shelves to keep the electric skates on track.

Though fares not finalized, the firm expects to charge around $1.

The company said it's working with L.A's Bureau of Engineering to start an environmental impact report. Pending final approval of the plan, construction is estimated to take up to 14 months.

Los Angeles city officials are clearly rooting for Musk and the Boring Company. From the company's press release: "the Initial Study (IS) and Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the Dugout Loop process will be available for public review from August 16, 2018 to September 17, 2018".

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