Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
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NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Rolls Out New Graphic Chips Following Two-Year Wait

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Rolls Out New Graphic Chips Following Two-Year Wait

The company's eighth generation of GPUs was revealed by chief executive Jensen Huang at an annual event in Vancouver, where he said that the new architecture will "fundamentally changes how computer graphics will be done, it's a step change in realism".

Though most of the rumours and speculation around NVIDIA recently has concerned its alleged upcoming new line of GeForce consumer graphics cards, the company is has announced the launch of a new line of its Quadro RTX series of graphics cards.

"Hybrid rendering will change the industry, opening up incredible possibilities that enhance our lives with more handsome designs, richer entertainment and more interactive experiences", he said.

Despite the high price, Nvidia claims that the new Turing architecture inside the graphics cards will "revolutionize" how designers render graphics in real-time. The platform includes application programming interfaces for ray tracing, AI, rasterization and simulations. All of which were running on the new Turing Architecture, the successor the NVIDIA's existing Pascal architecture.

According to Nvidia, the three chips - Quadro RTx 8000, Quadro RTx 6000 and Quadro RTx 5000 makes for a considerable performance improvement over Pascal based cards when it comes to simulating real-world scenarios.

"Turing is about to turn the graphics industry on its head".

New and enhanced technologies to improve the performance of VR applications, including Variable Rate Shading, Multi-View Rendering and VRWorks Audio.

The Tensor Core aids the ray tracing engine by allowing it to render smaller scenes and then using deep learning to infer the missing pixels and fill in the scene, producing the final image in a faster time with less computation.

Yesterday, NVIDIA introduced its newest generation of Turing GPU dedicated to ray-tracing and artificial intelligence. If the RTX 2080 is built on the same Turing architecture, the addition of ray tracing alone could bring a huge graphical boost to supported games.

Though perhaps best known for creating the GPUs that power high-end gaming PCs, these new units are professional-grade cards designed to handle intensive 3D-modelling and rendering workloads for users like graphic designers and 3D artists. "This will completely change how our artists work", said Michele Sciolette, chief technology officer, Cinesite.

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