Published: Thu, August 16, 2018

Premier Abadi Says Iraq Wont Trade With Iran in Dollar

Premier Abadi Says Iraq Wont Trade With Iran in Dollar

Although most of Iraq's security forces were engaged in the war against Daesh terrorists inside the country since the Takfiris' invasion in 2014, there have not been any problems along common border with Iran, the Iraqi general added.

"I have previously said this, we should not oppose Iraq's partition", Zadeh said on Twitter.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Monday that his government will only refrain from using the dollar in transactions with Iran without complying with the full scope of USA sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

"We don't sympathise with the sanctions, we don't think they are appropriate, but we are committed to protect our people".

He predicted that abandoning the United States dollar would negatively affect trade relations between the two countries, and that it would be hard to maintain the same commercial level under sanctions.

Last week, Iraq's PM indicated his country does not agree with USA sanctions against Iran but will abide by them to protect its own interests.

"I did not say we abide by the sanctions, I said we abide by not using dollars in transactions".

Since last week, the Iraqi leader has come under increasing pressure from Iran after he announced that he had no choice but to abide by the economic embargo imposed by US President Donald Trump, a move that has angered Tehran. He announced resumption of all sanctions against Tehran.

The administration says the renewed sanctions are meant to pressure Tehran to halt its alleged support for global terrorism, its military activity in the Middle East and its ballistic missile programme.

An Iraqi official had said Saturday that Abadi would visit both neighboring Turkey and Iran to discuss economic issues.

Asaib Ahl al-Haq, one of the main factions of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), issued a statement, saying it "regrets the Prime Minister's position on United States sanctions against Iran".

Iraq is the second-largest importer of Iranian non-oil products, buying some $6 billion worth of goods from the Islamic Republic in 2017.

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