Published: Fri, August 17, 2018

GoFundMe for Peter Strzok’s legal bills raises $230,000 in one day

GoFundMe for Peter Strzok’s legal bills raises $230,000 in one day

Aitan Goelman, Strzok's attorney, said the dismissal of the embattled 21-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was the result of "political pressure".

The lawyer, Aitan Goelman, criticized the firing in a statement Monday, saying he was sacked because of political pressure and "to punish Special Agent Strzok for political speech protected by the First Amendment".

He then quoted the former assistant director, Chris Swecker, who had appeared on Fox News' "America's Newsroom" to discuss the actions of Strzok, former FBI Director James Comey, and ex-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. "A lengthy investigation and multiple rounds of Congressional testimony failed to produce a shred of evidence that Special Agent Strzok's personal views ever affected his work".

Blatantly anti-Trump texts sent from Strzok his girlfriend - who was also his coworker - during the 2016 campaign when he wrote how they needed to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency. In one text four days before the election, Page told Strzok that the "American presidential election, and thus, the state of the world, actually hangs in the balance".

The president took to Twitter to lament that the reason the special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into possible collusion with Russian Federation exists is due to Strzok. For months, Strzok had been criticized for injecting bias into both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Clinton was cleared in the probe.

"It is a total Hoax".

There is no indication that the probe will be dropped. During an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Trey Gowdy argued that, despite having been fired, Strzok received better treatment from FBI investigators than had Donald Trump.

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