Published: Fri, August 17, 2018

Jessie the potty-mouthed parrot swears at firefighters while stranded on roof

Jessie the potty-mouthed parrot swears at firefighters while stranded on roof

A blue-yellow parrot named Jessie was stuck on a roof in London and firefighters were called in for rescue since it had been three days the parrot was just on the roof.

Firefighters in London responded to a neighborhood where a "potty-mouthed" parrot had flown onto a neighbor's roof.

But it seems the affection had the opposite affect on Jessie, who simply told the fire fighters to "fuck off".

But after she was finished hurling expletives it became clear Jessie wasn't injured after all - she simply flew off onto another roof, a tree and then towards her owner.

A firefighter tries to lure Jessie, a macaw, from a roof near her home in London on August 13. When one of the rescuers went up to the bird up the stairs and said "I love you" (he explained that the way to win her affection), Jesse replied, "I love you". The mistress of birds recorded her Declaration of love to the rescue.

The owner told the firefighter to say "I love you" as he approached Jessie to bond with her and to get her to co-operate.

Jessie's owner told firefighters to say "I love you", because it would help them bond with the bird, according to a London Fire Brigade tweet.

Watch Manager Chris Swallow was anxious Jessie was injured because she hadn't come back down after so many days.

But that's exactly what an unimpressed Jessie the Macaw told them when they made it to her roof-top perch - before flying on to the neighbour's place.

Probably Jessie realised she was quite rude to them.

Mr Swallow said the parrot also spoke Turkish and Greek - so they tried telling her to "come" in both languages before she flew off.

Jessie returned home on her own accord later that day. The RSPCA will then contact the fire brigade if they need assistance.

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