Published: Fri, August 17, 2018
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State of Emergency After Italian Bridge Collapse, Volatile Trading Over Highway Company

State of Emergency After Italian Bridge Collapse, Volatile Trading Over Highway Company

The death toll is up following the bridge collapse in Italy, with officials saying at least 37 people died and two are missing.

Authorities have widened their evacuation of the area surrounding the bridge to include some 630 people living near the highway bridge that was carved in two by the collapse of its mid-section during a violent storm.

"Work will continue for many hours", Regional President Giovanni Toti said, even if there is "feeble hope" of finding people still alive.

Atlantia's Autostrade per l'Italia unit manages the motorway that collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa killing at least 38 people this week.

Corsaro said that there are 15 injured persons. State radio said among them was a woman who suffered smoke inhalation from a fire sparked by debris falling into her home and a Czech truck driver who suffered a chest injury.

Montefusco, who grew up in Genoa, added: "It [the bridge] was a sort of jewel in Italian engineering, because at that time it was built with new engineering techniques".

In March a year ago, a couple were killed when a motorway overpass collapsed on their auto near Ancona on the country's Adriatic coast.

Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister, arrived in Genoa on Tuesday night and was expected to be joined later by his deputy, Luigi Di Maio.

There was torrential rainfall at the time, and a huge tower and sections of the bridge - measuring about 200m - collapsed on to railway lines, a river and a warehouse.

The tragedy has focused anger on the structural problems that have dogged the decades old Morandi bridge and the private sector firm Autostrade per l'Italia, which is now in charge of operating and maintaining swathes of the country's motorways. I don't know when'. "Autostrade had to do the maintenance and did not do it".

Atlantia said the maintenance work was "approved by the transport ministry in accordance with the law and the terms of the concession agreement".

The European Commission's daily press conference began with a detailed rebuttal to claims made by Matteo Salvini, Italy's far-right interior minister, that EU spending "constraints" had contributed to the tragedy in which 39 people died.

In 2013, some 5-Star MPs had questioned the wisdom of an ambitious and expensive infrastructure overhaul programme as possibly wasteful, according to reports, but a post about that on the Movement's site was removed on Tuesday after the bridge's collapse.

In December 2012, the Genoa city council discussed the state of the bridge at a public hearing into how to expand the local transport infrastructure.

"I feel blessed, that's it", Mr Goccia said.

While the country is mourning the dozens of dead caused by the collapse of the Morandi bridge, Italian politicians are working to find those responsible for the tragedy.

Website reported there had always been "structural doubts" about the bridge, while engineering professor Antonio Brencich said it needed constant maintenance.

The Morandi Bridge was the fifth bridge to collapse in Italy in five years.

The government said it wanted to revoke the contract awarded to Autostrade and hit the company with a €150m fine.

A pensioner died in October 2016 when his vehicle was crushed by a collapsing bridge over a dual carriageway between Milan and Lecco.

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