Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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Sony drops PlayStation 2 from its fix roster

Sony drops PlayStation 2 from its fix roster

Sony has ended its fix service for the PlayStation 2, more than 18 years after it first went on sale.

If you're a PlayStation 4-owning fan of the old console, there are several PS2 games available on the PlayStation Store and the PS Now streaming service, though it's not an extensive collection.

However, a report on IT Media (via Kotaku) confirms that Sony asked PS2 owners to fill out an online form by August 31 to have their consoles patched up one last time. He also suggested that Sony is doing a disservice to its users by not supporting cross-play. It's hard to think of any technology provider that will continue to service a product almost 20 years after its debut.

Sony CEO makes it clear that console cross-play is never coming to 'Fortnite' on PS4

Of course, as with any device, third-party repairs will always be possible, but this is a significant milestone for the device, which is estimated to have sold 150m units since its launch in March 2000.

The death of the PlayStation 2 is truly the end of an era. Many of these games that offer that cross-platform feature also allow Switch and Xbox One players to play together, however, while the PlayStation 4 sticks exclusively to interacting with PC players.

Sony once again addressed the topic of cross-platform play between other consoles with the chief executive officer saying that it has to do with the PlayStation 4 providing the "best experience" for playing Fortnite and other games. But that will finally be coming to an end this Friday when Sony closes it down.

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