Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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YouTube star Claire Wineland dies just days after double lung transplant

YouTube star Claire Wineland dies just days after double lung transplant

Bernie Sanders, 76, also tweeted: "I would like to acknowledge Claire Wineland who passed away last night".

The YouTube star - who was known for sharing her story about living with cystic fibrosis - suffered a massive stroke (caused by a blood clot) on August 26 after a successful double lung transplant.

She had over 2,50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Mortality and life were subjects Wineland liked to explore in her social media posts and videos, although a good number were devoted to other kinds of fun.

Later that day, Wineland's mother confirmed to editors at CNN that her daughter was able to save the lives of two people, with her right kidney transplanted to a 44-year-old woman in San Diego, and her left kidney donated to a 55-year-old man in Northern California.

"I'm not "dying before I have had a chance to live" and what I choose to talk about with the world is not just empty positive falsehoods", she wrote in an Instagram post earlier this year.

Instead of flowers, Wineland's family is asking for donations to be made to Claire's foundation.

"She was not in any pain and the medical staff said it was the most peaceful passing they had ever witnessed", Laura McHolm, chairman of the board of Claire's Place Foundation said on Monday, adding that Wineland had signed up as an organ donor. Claire spoke very openly about her experience with cystic fibrosis and she dedicated her life to raising awareness of the genetic condition and became a well-loved and respected activist.

"Sick people deserve to be seen as more than hollow shells just waiting for their lives to begin". In June, she said she was seeking a lung transplant.

The turns in her health prompted her to seek the lung transplant, she told viewers: "Transplant for me isn't about getting new lungs".

"It's a GO!" she posted on Twitter, shortly before beginning the nine-hour surgery.

"She was one red hot spark of inspiration and joy, wasn't she?" the statement concluded. "The fact that they responded so quickly was quite miraculous and she survived the decompressive craniectomy but is still in an acute neuropathic situation and in a medically induced coma".

"Everyone is always surprised that we go to school, too, and live normal human lives. Really. I mean that seriously", she said.

People with cystic fibrosis have a defective gene that causes a thick build-up of mucus in the lungs and other organs.The mucus clogs the airways and traps bacteria, which leads to infections, lung damage, and eventually respiratory failure.

By Wineland's own account, she spent almost a quarter of her life in the hospital because of cystic fibrosis, or CF. Follow INSIDER on Facebook.

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