Published: Fri, September 07, 2018

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and wife to divorce: PA

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and wife to divorce: PA

It is not know whether the couple's decision to separate predates Mr Johnson's resignation as Foreign Secretary.

The couple said divorce proceedings are now underway.

In 2004 Mr Johnson admitted to having an affair with Petronella Wyatt, 50, the writer, who had become pregnant and had an abortion.

In a joint personal statement issued through a family friend, the couple said that their separation occurred "several months ago".

Boris Johnson has today confirmed that he and his wife have separated.

Her plan has little support in Brussels, which says she needs to agree to further concessions to make the plan workable, and within her party, where eurosceptics say she has already conceded too much ground by seeking a "common rule book" to permit free trade in goods.

The statement comes after The Sun reported that the former foreign secretary was no longer living with his wife, amid allegations of him cheating on her.

"I think if the government was to fall then he would probably prosper at the point of maximum chaos but if she gets through Brexit I can not see him becoming leader", Giles Kenningham, a former adviser to 2010-2016 Prime Minister David Cameron, told Sky News.

Johnson has been accused of affairs in the past, and married Wheeler in 1993 after meeting her during his first marriage to Allegra Mostyn-Owen.

One of the politician's close friends told the newspaper: "They were fine last Christmas but there's been strain since then".

Mr Johnson quit the cabinet in July with an attack on Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

In Westminster, speculation was rife over whether Mr Johnson may have made news of his impending divorce public in order to "clear the decks" ahead of a leadership bid.

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