Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
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Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy F Smartphone Will Be Unveiled This Year

Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy F Smartphone Will Be Unveiled This Year

Samsung has a plan to get more millennials interested in its handsets, a new strategy that appears born partly out of a global slowdown in smartphone sales with rivals like Huawei and Apple nipping at Samsung's heels.

While development has been "complicated" for Samsung, resulting in numerous delays, Koh revealed in an interview with CNBC that it's "time to deliver" on its promises.

If Samsung shows off its foldable phone this year, it may encourage some potential iPhone buyers to hold off. Giving the option to users to carry around a phone that doubles as a tablet could be a great idea, providing it can stand out from the other tablets.

Samsung Electronics has committed to launching a foldable OLED phone this year to cement its premium leadership for its revived mobile business, while it expects steady growth for its chip business.

"For us it is extremely important that every feature, every innovation had a significant impact on the user". "If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would they (consumers) buy it?", he added.

Samsung will release a foldable smartphone this year, DJ Koh, CEO of the company's mobile division told CNBC.

That seems to indicate this will be a dual-display device, with a smaller external screen, and then a larger one that's revealed by opening a clamshell.

Digitimes Research reports it has discovered that most of the smartphones with a foldable screen have an in-folding display. Heaven forbid that they actually do that by coming up with something new. That is why it is one of the dominating players in the smartphone market. CEO of mobile communications has recognized that although the process of developing "complex", the company "almost completed" it.

The Samsung Galaxy X is not new to the rumor section and the latest bit of information mentions that the device could take things to a new level. It's safe to assume that Samsung will be charging a hefty premium for the Galaxy X, especially if it's the first folding phone to hit the market.

An early Samsung foldable smartphone concept from 2014.

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