Published: Sat, September 08, 2018
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Skype can now record voice and video calls

Skype can now record voice and video calls

In a move that'll delight podcasters, journalists and other content creators, Skype now allows call recording. Note that call recording is only available for Android phones. Everyone involved in a call will know when you start recording, and the app encourages you to tell other participants if they are not already aware. To access the new feature you simply click the + sign and select Start Recording. The feature built into Skype desktop and the mobile version will be available on most platforms except for Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, Skype call recording is rolling out to most platforms today. On a mobile the app displays a record button with the same text.

Recorded calls are stored in the cloud for 30 days, and are available for all participants to download as MP4 files.

Microsoft stores recordings for 30 days on its cloud back-end, but gives users the option of downloading the video during that period.

Microsoft has upgraded Skype by adding the feature of call recording in an attempt to make things hard for Google Duo and Apple's FaceTime.

Microsoft says that calls will be recorded once all parties are informed, with a banner displayed in the call window. People can then choose to download an offline copy of it. Alternatively, you can select the Save as option on your desktop and then navigate to the folder to save the recording to your specific destination.

On a mobile, to save the recording users long-press the item in the timeline and then tap the save option, which saves it on the phone's camera roll. During this timeline, users will be able to see and share the recordings with any of his contacts or, to anyone of their requirement. Previously, many users have resorted to using third-party applications that recorded a video call with family, friends or business partners.

Microsoft has announced several new features on their way for the platform, including read receipts and a simplified redesign that rolls back controversial features introduced a year ago.

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