Published: Sat, September 08, 2018

Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Gets 14 Days in Jail

Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Gets 14 Days in Jail

A former campaign aide to Donald Trump has been jailed for 14 days after admitting lying to the FBI during the investigation into Russian collusion.

Breen also addressed Papadopoulos' contact with Joseph Mifsud, a professor with ties to Russian Federation who claimed to Papadopoulos that Russian Federation had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

Papadopoulos tried futilely for months to arrange a meeting between top campaign aides and Russian officials.

Papdopoulos's lawyer Tom Breen said "the president of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever did".

At that meeting, Papadopoulos proposed brokering a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. That led the aide to boast about his find in a London bar that was overheard by an Australian diplomat which then was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Papadopoulos was the first person affiliated with the Trump campaign to be indicted, as part of the Mueller probe.

The sentence was significantly less than prosecutors' recommendation of six months.

U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss ordered the incarceration, saying that he couldn't avoid imposing prison time given the gravity of the investigation.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday ahead of the sentencing, Trump played down his relationship with Papadopoulos.

"As far as I remember, I absolutely did not share this information with anyone on the campaign", Papadopoulos told Tapper.

At the time, Trump and the White House sought to distance themselves from the former campaign foreign policy adviser, with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claiming he'd had an "extremely limited" role on the campaign.

Papadopoulos was the first to plead guilty in Mueller's probe.

In court on Friday, prosecutor Andrew Goldstein said Papadopoulos's cooperation "didn't come close to the standard of substantial assistance".

Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump's campaign, has been a central figure in the Russian Federation investigation dating back before Mueller's May 2017 appointment. Mifsud left the United States and not returned, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation found him in the US on February 11, 2017, about two weeks after Papadopoulos's first interview.

He said Papadopoulos's deception required investigators to scour more than 100,000 emails and gigabytes of data to reconstruct the timeline of his contacts with Russians and Russian intermediaries.

The lawyers argued Papadopoulos lied as he was influenced by the President's aggressive sentiments on the probe. Jeff Sessions "appeared to also like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it". Last November, Mr Sessions testified to Congress that he had "pushed back" against Papadopoulos' offer.

Papadopoulos was also sentenced to 13 months supervised released, 200 hours community service and a $9,500 fine.

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