Published: Wed, September 12, 2018
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Lock in iPhone Trade-In Values Now For the Most Cash

Lock in iPhone Trade-In Values Now For the Most Cash

Last year's iPhone launch also promised a new piece of technology in the form of wireless charging in iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And then we discovered the models of the iPhone with an LCD screen, this is another leak that we are interested in today. This is not the first time that these names have appeared on the interwebs. It brings some weight to the fact that Apple is committing to the iPhone X moniker for a significant time in the future. Now a presentation slide of the Chinese mobile phone operator, China Mobile, brings a number of new names into play. However, one of the smartphones that is getting a lot of attention among the trio is the 6.1-inch iPhone or the iPhone XC or iPhone 9. The LCD model is said to be the cheapest among the three and will sport a display having a size of 6.1-inch. The latest in that installment is a Goldman Sachs analyst who said that the cheapest iPhone Xc or whatever it gets called, will start from $849, and might only get to $799 if Apple has found wiggle room to cut costs before launch. It seemed like we knew all there was to know, but now a new report from a trusted insider brings us even more details these devices that had previously been unreported.

Before Apple introduces the new iPhone generation on Wednesday, there are still many uncertainties about the name of the iPhone X successors despite numerous leaks. However, some leaked reports say that the iPhone XS Series 512 can come with a storage option.

The online retailer is also offering a big discount on the iPhone 8 with that device being dropped in price by over £100 to £593.87. The slide lists the iPhone XC at CNY 5,888 which is around Rs 62,000.

According to the leaked information, the iPhone XS and XS Max will come with edge-to-edge displays with a notch on top.

The iPhone XS is expected to be the premium-edition model with an OLED screen in the upcoming range of iPhone 2018. The poster shows an iPhone model with a dual-SIM tray popping out.

The new software typically becomes available each fall, which means Apple will nearly certainly announce official release dates for each operating system at its event on September 12.

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