Published: Fri, September 14, 2018

1st U.S. troops from July DPRK remains identified

1st U.S. troops from July DPRK remains identified

Forensic scientists have identified two sets of remains of USA troops killed in the Korean War, turned over by North Korea.

North Korea in July handed over what are thought to be the remains of 55 United States servicemen who were killed during the Korean War.

North Korea pledged to return the remains of USA servicemen who had fallen during the Korean War at the June summit in Singapore between President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong Un.

Mattis praised the work of those involved in the identification process and said it represents long-awaited closure form some families.

However, the sets of bones from the two soon-to-be-identified American troops are far more complete.

Mattis later confirmed that two sets of remains had been identified "right now", but said "we're working" on additional identifications. Despite setbacks in the nuclear negotiations, North Korea has maintained its moratorium on weapons testing, has toned down its rhetoric, and attempted to downplay the threatening nature of its arsenal, as was evidenced by its decision not to feature ICBMs in its most recent military parade.

"We noticed. within a few seconds of opening up the box, and pulling him out, that we think this individual is African American and tall and slender", Byrd said.

A small group of journalists was given access on Monday to a secure facility on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, where forensic anthropologists are combing through the remains handed over by Pyongyang in July.

The condition of some of the remains is decidedly better than that of others.

Jin, a South Korean-born American citizen, said the work has a personal connection. He was evacuated south on a US Navy ship, she said.

On Monday, the Pentagon said United Nations military officials met with North Korean counterparts last week to discuss the repatriation of additional remains.

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