Published: Fri, September 14, 2018

Funeral set for man killed by white Dallas police officer

Funeral set for man killed by white Dallas police officer

The search warrant affidavit listing items cops recovered from the unit of Botham Jean, who was shot to death Friday by officer Amber Guyger, became public Thursday afternoon after it was returned to a judge.

Botham's funeral will be held Thursday. He will be buried in Saint Lucia, but the service in Texas was a chance for American friends to say goodbye.

"A friend is the family that you choose. I can not believe that my boy is not here", said Bertram Jean, Botham's father.

It was a service filled with music, a fitting tribute to a man who expressed his love of God through song, according to Minister Michael Griffin, who called him "Bo".

Inside Edition obtained footage from the South Side Flats apartment which shows a half-eaten cereal bowl Jean was eating from as well as The Autobiography of Gucci Mane he had been catching up on. "He was the light in a dark room". His uncle says they are still wondering why a Dallas Police Officer shot and killed the man. Court documents show Officer Amber Guyger claims she was disoriented and entered the wrong apartment, believing Jean was an intruder. But Allison Jean said she later found the University of the West Indies never received an application from him.

He studied accounting at Harding University in Arkansas, and moved to Dallas to launch his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

CEO Tim Ryan says the company started a scholarship fund in Botham Jean's name. His friend and business mentor, Tommy Bush, told the church how Botham aimed high in pursuit of excellence in everything he tackled. "I was supposed to be mentoring him", he said. It has been a painful week for those who knew Botham Shem Jean.

Jean's mother has said he was only a teenager when he presented a plan to evangelize his home country of St. Lucia. Ignatius Jean said his nephew's death was felt across the Caribbean nation.

Then she said it was shut but unlocked. There are diverging narratives about what exactly happened in the moments leading up to his death September 6.

DALLAS A 26-year-old man killed in his apartment by a Dallas police officer who said she mistook his apartment for her own was remembered Thursday as a devout Christian who loved to sing at church and always had time to help others. Guyger "entered the building and walked down the fourth floor hallway to what she thought was her apartment", the affidavit says. It says she "inserted a unique door key, with an electronic chip, into the door key hole. Believing she had encountered a burglar, which was described as a large silhouette, across the room in her apartment, Guyger drew her firearm, gave verbal commands that were ignored by Complainant Jean", the affidavit alleges. Jean was shot once and died. The family of Botham Jean, the man who was killed, is demanding answers.

They and others yesterday said they expect justice. He was flanked by the Jean family and about two dozen African-American faith leaders from Dallas. "It doesn't read anything beyond negligence of that they simply do not specify how she is reckless which is the required mental state for manslaughter". Merritt said the search warrant showed investigators were immediately looking for drug paraphernalia, CBS Dallas / Fort Worth reports.

They believe it will be hard for the Dallas County DA's office to prove a crime.

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