Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Google Pixel 3 teasers are worth a click

Google Pixel 3 teasers are worth a click

And if you've been following that "Pixel Ultra" conspiracy theory as well, then you might be secretly hoping that "3" means Google will unveil three new Pixels next month. The page, which is hosted on Google's domain, features a "coming soon" message next to an outline of a phone that interactively shows off each color.

Google has a big "3" on Store page alongside a sign-up button in order to "Get the scoop". As you can see in the images, Google has clearly highlighted the Black and White colours, but the third teaser is a mysterious one.

So, there's nothing too insane going on with that teaser, but things get a little more interesting with the second one, which is actually a Japanese teaser.

The phone parade continues, as Google appears to be getting ready to announce the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. This year, the search giant is expected to come with a new colour option to make Pixel 3 devices stand out from the crowd. Droid Life has spotted a Google website that is teasing the new Pixel 3. Confetti also falls from the top of your screen when you land on this color, so it's clear that Google considers this one to be more fun than the other two.

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