Published: Fri, September 14, 2018

Ryan Thomas wins Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Ryan Thomas wins Celebrity Big Brother 2018

'I have no words, no words whatsoever, I don't know what to say... all day I've been acting like I'm all cool, didn't think about winning, ' he said.

"I was sensitive and emotional and mistook what was playful - I apologise for it, I shouldn't have questioned his motivation".

Although Ashley is hoping that Roxanne may come out on the other side, she was still angered by the situation, adding: "I couldn't believe I was watching it - I'm so pleased it was on camera".

The video ends with Friday's launch date and the tag line "you decide".

Ryan Thomas emerged as the victor of this year's Celebrity Big Brother competition.

The interview comes as CBB victor Ryan fought back tears as he watched back his emotional breakdown on the show in the midst of "Punchgate".

Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley finished in 2nd place.

He had been the bookies' favourite following the Roxanne drama.

Ryan was showed footage of himself crying in the diary room after he was told Roxanne Pallett had accused him of punching her in the ribs repeatedly.

After exiting the Channel 5 show, former Emmerdale actress Pallett apologised and said she had made "a massive, frightful mistake".

"It was totally unexpected", he said. "It was a sign of affection that I've used on Gabby (Allen), the boys and unexpected because there was nothing in it". That rang alarm bells and then the game became real life for me.

He also admitted he found it more than a little embarrassing when news of his bankruptcy hit the headlines, explaining: "Having something like bankruptcy all over the media, I found it really embarrassing because you're in the spotlight there's no hiding".

"I feel frustrated. It's been 100 years since women got the vote and with this powerful me too movement..."

He struggled to contain his tears when Emma told him of the outpouring of support for him.

Clips from that interview were played for Ryan who was then asked if he accepted her apology.

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